About Us

Welcome to one of the premiere cirque and dance centers in the Southeast.  The Charlotte Cirque and Dance Center will move you to new heights not only in your physical training but in entire being.  Our programs will support your aspirations whether they be professional or an adventurous hobbyist.

CC&Co. Educational Goals
  • To encourage and inspire creativity, innovation and dedication.

  • To train dancers to be expressive performers on the ground and in the air.

  • To build a strong foundation in dance and aerial is key to exploring safely.

  • To improve health and fitness while gaining an appreciation for dance.

  • To offer unique and well-rounded training for all ages and levels.


  • An in-depth program for students who want to pursue serious training in Dance and Aerial.

  • Dance & Aerial classes both required

  • 2 hours minimum of Open Practice required per month (see Open Practice page for schedule) $10 per month Open Practice fee due monthly with tuition

  • 4 Hours of Class Per Week Minimum

Please email classes@carolinecalouche.org if you/your child wishes to participate in the training program.



Open Program is our recreational classes. Students still learn proper technique and have fun but the teachers will structure their classes at a leisurely pace than training program students.


10% for Families

10% for Professional Artists

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Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center
9315-E Monroe Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28270

Phone: 704.844.0449
Email: info@cltcirquedancecenter.org

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