2019/2020 Season

Auditions August 24, 2019

10am - 11:30am: Ages 9 - 11

12:30pm - 1:30pm: Ages 12+

To Audition

- Complete the Audition Form

- Register for classes.

- You will be taught choreography and possibly asked to improv.  Dancers will not be asked to perform a prepared solo.

Audition Details - Read Completely

  • If you do not show up to the audition, you do not perform. No exceptions.

  • On the Audition Form, you will sign up for what shows you wish to perform in.

  • You are not allowed to negotiate casting decisions and must accept the roles and shows given to you.

  • Only injury or death in immediate family is reasonable excuse for quitting a show.

  • Casting will be based on your current abilities and what classes you are taking in the School Year
    (Example: If you are taking trapeze only, we will look at you for trapeze dances only. If you have experience in silks but are only taking trapeze, there is a strong possibility you might not be cast in a silks dance because you will not be taking a silks class to stay up on your skills.)

Performance Class

  • Classes meet once a month.

  • Topics: hair, make-up, how to act in the theater, how to set up the portable rig, how to perform, etc.

  • Required for performers with 3 or less performance experience (3 years in student showcase does not count).

Excused Absenses

  • Injury or illness that does not all the performer to be present at rehearsal.

  • Death in immediate family.

  • Religious obligation.

  • School obligation that affects your grade.

Unexcused Absenses

  • SAT and ACT tests - plan ahead because they offer many dates.

  • Family reunions

  • Birthday parties

  • School trips that do not affect your grade

  • Seeing a show

1 unexcused absence allowed - use it wisely

*If you have over 3 excused rehearsal absences, the artistic staff will re-consider your ability to perform the role to meet our expectations and for safety reasons.

Event Descriptions

Festival in the Park​

We have performed for many years at this great community arts festival.  We bring our out portable aerial dance rig and dance/acro floor.   All performers help set up the rig and stage and tear it down.  During the performances and when they are not performing, the dancers pass out flyers and ask for donations.

Matthews ArtWalk and MusicFest

The set-up is exactly like Festival in the Park.

Halloween Party

Our annual Halloween Party is open to the community.  We have games, demo classes and performances.

Clara's Trip: A Cirque & Dance Nutcracker Story

Caroline Calouche & Co.'s annual holiday show is performed at the Booth Playhouse.  Click on the link to learn more.

University of NC School of the Arts Festival

An incredible weekend of dance at this prestigious school.  A contemporary dance work is submitted every year for adjudication by the school.  Whether the work is selected to perform on the Sunday festival show, students are welcome to attend the festival by taking classes and seeing their Winter Concert.   Festival fee: $150 festival fee (fee not confirmed for 2019 - could increase)

Charlotte Dance Festival

Founded and directed by Caroline Calouche, the Charlotte Dance Festival brings together local and national dance artists of all genres.  Similar to the UNCSA Festival, students take classes and see shows by professional artists.  We submit a dance every year that can include aerial arts for adjudication.  Festival Fee: $80 (fee not confirmed for 2019 - could increase).  CDF is held at Charlotte Ballet.

The Nightingale

Caroline Calouche & Co.'s world premiere of Hans Christian Anderson's fairytale classic.  

Kings Drive ArtWalk

Same description as Festival in the Park.​


A great opportunity to work with local choreographers and budding young choreographers from the ChoreoLab to create a show that digs deep.

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