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Reminder that if you are cast in a role that requires a specific discipline (ie partner acrobatics, dance, silks, etc.), you need to be taking at least 1 class in this discipline.

Casting Notes

Kings Drive Art Walk Cast for Each Day

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'Subject to Change' on Clara's Trip Casting means if a dancer is not meeting our expectations of executing the choreography, being a good ambassador of the organization or giving full energy in rehearsals, then the casting will change. 

Casting can also change due to unforeseen production, budget and technical elements.

Please know that Caroline Calouche and the Rehearsal Directors are always working hard to make our productions no matter the size of stage meet our expectations and the expectations of the audience.  

Performance Workshops

Mandatory for New Performers with us and those who need a refresher.

Fall Workshops

Sept. 15

How to Set-up our Portable Rig + Hair and Make-up 

Oct. 20

The Art of Performing

More Dates to Come

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