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Cirque & Dance Creation Lab Performance

Celebrate the Works of Art created by our talented students!

Emerging artists in our Creation Lab will collaborate and create a brand new show from July 18 - 29. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments.

Featuring students ages 9 - 17 performing Contemporary Dance, Lyra, Silks, Acrobatics, Contortion, Hand Balancing, Street Jazz, and Hip-Hop


Aisosa James

Caryn King

Ellen Martin

Emerson Kelley

Jiana Brayboy

Harper Barlow

Kiana Pieters

Madeline Skeean

Mahalia Esposito

Maya Avavim

Nora Scaffidi

Payton Kelley

Perry Mia Hough

Piper Sanjule-placek

Simi Felder

Sophia Maggio

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