August 16, 2020

The Carolina Circus Symposium is in a beta testing mode this year to determine if there is a need for this type of gathering of circus artists in the U.S. and the world. 


The Symposium aims to share information, stimulate awareness and engage professionals in the educational and performing careers of circus arts. 

The participants will investigate topics of professional performing, dance education, community engagement, social circus, school / studio organization, labor and insurance laws, marketing, and any relevant topics. 


Below is a list of presentation topic ideas: 

Insurance: General Liability, Property, Workers Comp for Schools/Studios

Insurance: Educators and Performing Artists

Circus in Higher Education

Circus Programs in K-12

Silks Theory: Stacking Drops

Beat Theory

Spin Theory

Studio / School Policies

Best Practices on Social Media

Google Advertising

Equipment & Rigging

Roundtable Discussions

The above list are examples to get your creative juices flowing on what you might want to present or reach out to someone you know who has a fabulous presentation about XYZ that you think needs to be included.

Feel free to have others co-present with you on a topic.  We are wide open to your ideas and suggestions to make this a gathering of creatives who are opening to share information to extend our passion for circus arts to others.

Presenter Pay: $50 per hour per presenter + complimentary attendance to the Symposium


The Symposium is in lieu of CADE this year.  

Sample Schedule

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