Virtual Session

March 23 - April 11



With the Family classes, you can be in separate rooms and take the class, except for Family Partner Acrobatics. 

Our Goals

  • Offer fun and inspiring classes in dance, circus and fitness that you can safely do at home.

  • For our current students, we are offering free classes in our Virtual Session for their immediate family members.   These classes are denoted in our schedule with the word ‘FAMILY’ attached to it.  Current students, you can join in these additional classes too! 

  • Run classes a little earlier so we do not interfere with your dinner times at your home too much.


Below are details for classes during these 3 weeks:


1.  If you were enrolled in any of the following classes, we will sign you up for the class in our Virtual Session.  Please note the time might have altered a little. 


Acrobatics (12+) (Saturday 10:00 AM) with Megan R

Ballet 1 & 2 (12+) (Tuesday 06:30 PM) with Phillip M

Ballet 2+ (12+) (Saturday 09:30 AM) with Skyla C

Ballet 3+ (12+) (Wednesday 05:00 PM) with Skyla C

Choreolab (Thursday 07:30 PM) with Caroline C

Conditioning (9+) (Saturday 09:30 AM) with Megan R

Contemporary Dance 1 & 2 (12+) (Thursday 05:00 PM) with Caroline C

Contemporary Dance 3+ (12+) (Thursday 05:00 PM) with Jackie O

Dance & Silks (6-8) (Monday 05:00 PM) with Carolina Quirós O

Jazz Dance (12+) (Monday 06:00 PM) with Byron M

Jazz Dance (9-11) (Saturday 11:00 AM) with Megan R

Lyra 1 (12+) (Monday 06:00 PM) with Carolina Quirós O

Lyra 2+ (12+) (Monday 07:00 PM) with Sarah S

Pointe (12+) (Wednesday 06:30 PM) with Skyla C

Trapeze 1 & 2 (12+) (Tuesday 05:00 PM) with Caroline C


Students in classes not listed above need to choose another class from our Virtual Session to take.  If you take a Silks class, please join a Silks Conditioning class of your level.


2.  All Current Students have a Virtual Punchcard on their profile.  If you were taking…

1 hour per week = 5 punchcard

2 hours per week = 10 punchcard

3 – 4 hours per week = 15 punchcard

5+ hours per week = 50 punchcard


3.  Current Students, we encourage you to take the same number of hours that you take a week in our Virtual Session.  If you have problems, finding a class time that works for you, please let us know.


4.  Current Students and Families, if you want to take any of the designated Family Classes let us know and we will add a punchcard to your profile. 


5.  Zoom Classrooms: Please download the app on your phone or computer.  We will send you a specific URL to click and join for your classes.


6.  Google Meet: This is the same as Google Hangout just the name for Businesses.  We will send you a link to join that room for your classes too. 


7.  Showcase Dances: Teachers are working on videos for you to review your dances and we will send you your music so you can practice at home.  Stay tuned to your email for this information coming next week. 


By Monday, March 23 at Noon, you will receive the Zoom or Google Meet link for your classes this week. 


We will have a staff member working through the weekend, to answer your questions via email and get you all signed up. 


Current Students, to sign up for your additional classes, please follow these steps:


  1. To Sign Up in VAMP

  2. Login to VAMP - 

  3. From the Main Menu under Signing In - Click 'STUDENT / RENTER SIGN IN'

  4. Make sure the name of the participating student appears by NAME

  5. Next to Activity choose VIRTUAL CLASS

  6. Next to Class Date - choose the date for which you wish to sign up

  7. Next to Class - choose the class time in which you wish to sign up

  8. For your payment method you will choose punchcard.

  9. Select Submit

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.  

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