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Abbie Rooney


December 12
Active Flexibility with Abbie Rooney

Longer, leaner, more functional muscles! Movers of all kinds can benefit from unlocking their full range of motion. We will engage hip, core, back, and shoulders for control in splits, backbends, and balances. 

No prerequisites.

11am - 12:30pm | $45

Foundations of Dynamics with Abbie Rooney

A workshop to give you tools to build momentum and proprioception in the air. We will build and and use strength while also finding the float, the freedom and the breath that becomes all things catch and release. Apply these techniques on any and all aerial apparatus. This workshop will include how to fall safely and drills to progress toward that ‘big trick’ you’ve been dreaming about. This is for aerialist who want to begin playing with things like pirouettes, straddle cut, and all things beats! 

Prerequisites: 30 sec. dead hang, climb and straddle invert.

1:30pm - 2:45pm | $40

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Abbie Rooney

Abbie is an aerialist and movement artist from the United States. Beginning with competitive gymnastics, to University of Colorado School of Engineering, to an international circus career; Abbie is an accomplished aerialist, dancer, acrobat and fire/prop manipulator. She attended Frequent Flyers Productions (aerial dance) Professional Training, developing her overall aerial technique. Originally a trapeze specialist, turned aerial straps fanatic. She has been seen dancing and flying high on National television, in large arenas, big top circuses, corporate events, theatrical productions, festival performances and doing acting/stunt/character work. 

A few notable companies she has worked with include Carnival Cruises, On the Fly Productions, Meow Wolf, Cavalia Odysseo, T-Mobile, United Airlines, Quixotic Fusion, Fox Entertainment Group and many more. Currently, she is the female aerial trainer for 6 shows on Carnival Cruises’ newest ship: developing choreography and training the casts that entertain crowds around the world.

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