Dance is more than learning steps.
Each time you dance you create an experience that you share with yourself and others. In my life I have learned that it is these experiences, not objects, which make us happy.” 
– Caroline Calouche

Below are descriptions of classes we currently or have offered in the past. 


Aerial Inversions: This class is all about being upside down! Includes proper aerial warm-up and stretch as well as conditioning of lower abdominal and all muscles needed for inversions. Students should have previous aerial experience prior to taking this class and be able to hold lock off comfortably.

Acrobatics:  Individual acrobatics such as walkovers and basic handbalancing exercises.  

Ballet:  Learn the fundamentals of classical ballet. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality. Students will focus on both barre and center work. The intricacy and extent of training will depend on the student’s level.

ChoreoLab: This class will have a syllabus with a timeline with choreography assignments and in-class showings. Dig deep and bring out your inner choreographer with this class about experimentation and understanding of dance relationships such as time, space, and energy.


Contemporary Dance:  This dance class allows students to explore and understand how their own bodies move while gaining an understanding of contemporary vocabulary and how it is similar, yet different, then classical ballet. Students will develop body control as well as freedom of movement.

Dance and Silks: This intro level combo class will prepare young flyers for higher level dance and aerial classes. Half of the class time will be spent on intro contemporary and jazz skills, while the other half will be spent learning intro aerial sling.

Deep Stretch: Deep Stretch takes you through full-body, intense stretching. The class starts with a proper, more involved warm up to better prep the body for deeper stretching than normal. Exercises and stretches can be modified for different ability levels. This class also focuses on balance, strength, technique, and endurance.

Hand-balancing: Learn and develop the muscles used for inverted balancing. This class will train students on proper alignment and technique during handstands and other balances. The class will also teach proper warm-up and cool-down for shoulder stretching and strengthening. Students will perform exercises both on the floor and on hand balancing canes.


Hip – Hop: Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing and breaking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements.

Jazz: Typically seen on Broadway musicals or upbeat music performances, Jazz is a fun and energetic dance genre about showing some style. Students warm up with cardio, strength training, and stretching. Students will learn proper Jazz alignment  as well as sequences of dance steps danced to music. Jazz shoes are optional; socks or bare feet acceptable.


Lyra: Known as a steel hoop suspended in the air, the Lyra is a circular apparatus that is typically seen spinning or swinging. This class will cater directly to the aerial level of the students within the class. Students will engage in proper warm-up and stretch before training in Lyra conditioning and skills. Skills will be taught based on skills level of students currently in the class.

Open Practice: Work independently or with a friend on dance, acrobatic, or aerial skills. A CCDC instructor will be close by for safety, but will not be available to teach skills. Provides an opportunity for students to review any previous class material or to work on conditioning.

Partner Acrobatics: This class will train students on the proper conditioning, alignment, and strength needed for acrobatic movement such as tumbling, balancing, or partnering. Students will engage in proper warm-up and strength training before learning various skills pertaining to acrobatic level.

Performance Workshop: This class is designed to help more advanced dancers and flyers learn about the performing aspect of aerial dance. Students will engage in dance and aerial exercises while experimenting with performance elements such as phrasing and style.


Pilates: Using the Pilates Method, you will increase your core strength and overall mobility. The main focus of the Pilates method is the development of balance, breathing, concentration, control, coordination, efficiency, flow, harmony and precision. With these ideas in mind, each exercise is centered on working the whole body and is efficient for both body and mind strengthening.


Pointe: Must have permission to enroll. Students with at least 2 years of solid ballet training can begin pointe training. Students will utilize previous ballet technique while wearing pointe shoes, a hand-made shoe composed of layers of fabric designed to allow the dancer to stand on the top of their toes. Most exercises cater to strengthening the ankles, feet, and legs.


Rope: Also known as Corde Lisse, this apparatus combines drops, holds, and swings on a single rope hanging from the ceiling. Closely related to aerial silks, this class will teach the basics of proper warm up, aerial conditioning, and skills involving aerial rope.


Silks:  This class will cater directly to the aerial level of the students within the class. Students will engage in proper warm-up and stretch before training either on a sling or silk apparatus. Instructors will teach skills and exercises based on current skill level..

Tap: Tap is an original American dance style that combines music and dance traditions from West Africa and the British Isles. Classes focus on technique and musicality and are supplemented by a wide variety of musical genres.  Tap shoes required. 


Trapeze: Comprised of a steel bar with two rope attachments on either side, the trapeze will have you spinning, swinging, and flying! Unlike the circus flying trapeze, however, aerial dance trapeze uses movements such as balances, contortions, drops, and swings. Introductory students learn similar skills to that of an aerial sling.

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