Welcome to Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center!  

This page is dedicated to answering all the questions you may have about taking classes with us.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via email, info@cltcirquedancecenter or phone  704-844-0449.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Location9315-E Monroe Road in Charlotte – You can find us between to the Charlotte Aquatic Center and the Police Station.  Look for the red CC&Co. sign and colorful dancers on the windows.


What is your studio’s teaching philosophy? 

Our teaching philosophy values creativity, support, understanding and community. While we teach skills and technique, the faculty also focuses on helping students see dance as an form of expression and an art form.  This involves a student to problem solve how to use their body, mind and soul to convey meaning.


Who is on your faculty?

Our teachers all have college degrees in dance and/or certificates in aerial arts or fitness techniques like Pilates.  Caroline Calouche, Director, carefully chooses faculty members who will support the growth of our students through positive teaching methods and focused on the art of dance.  You can find out more about our teachers here: https://www.cltcirquedancecenter.org/faculty-staff


What should I wear?



Do your students compete? 

No.  Dance is an art form; therefore, it is subjective to the viewer. Caroline and the faculty do not teach students a dance to win a trophy, but they teach you how to dance to enjoy life and inspire others.

Do your students perform? 

We have an annual Spring Student Showcase at the beginning of June.  All Training Program students are required to perform.  The show is open to Open Program students.  With our in-house Studio Theater, we are looking at creating more performance opportunities for students.  Training Program students can audition for the Youth Ensemble or to be an Adjunct Dancer with Caroline Calouche & Co. in the Spring.


How do classes work?  

Our classes run weekly and are charged monthly.  You select the classes that you are interested in based on your experience and/or placement by a teacher and the director.


What are the fees?  

Fees are charged based on the number of hours a student is enrolled.  View the fee schedule here: http://cltcirquedancecenter.org/youth  There is a $5 rental fee to use the studio's Silks and students are welcome to bring their own.  New in 2020, there will be a monthly cleaning fee of $5 added to cover additional cleaning needs.  Registration fee of $30 per family is charged annually.  Families are encouraged to set up auto pay for tuition to avoid late fees.


What is the Open Program?  

Open Program is our recreational classes. Students still learn proper technique and have fun but the teachers will structure their classes at a leisurely pace than training program students.


What is the Training Program? 

An in-depth program for students who want to pursue serious training in Dance and Circus Arts.

  • Dance & circus arts classes are both required

  • 2 hours minimum of Open Practice required per month (see Open Practice page for schedule) $10 per month Open Practice fee due monthly with tuition

  • 4 Hours of Class Per Week Minimum


What classes do you have for adults?  

You can fully enroll into classes weekly or purchase a class card to take classes.


What classes do you offer? 

You can view the schedule here: https://www.cltcirquedancecenter.org/youth


Can I bring a friend?  

Drop-ins are welcome.  Drop in student pay the drop-in rate of $25.


Can I take private lessons?  

You make take private lessons or semi-private classes.  Please contact the studio manager to schedule a private lesson for individuals or groups.


What if I miss a class? 

To make-up a class, please contact the studio manager.


How do I sign up?  

You can register through this link: https://vamp.versatilearts.net/vamp/login.php

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