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Dress Code

What to Wear & How to Do Your Hair


  • Wear a fitted shirt or leotard

  • Wear leggings or tights

  • Wear clothes you can move in freely

  • Wear proper dance shoes for class if applicable

  • Keep hair secured out the the face

  • Keep nails neat and trimmed.


  • Wear baggy clothes

  • Wear shorts

  • Wear jewelry

  • Let your hair hang in your face

Best Options: Leggings that go to the ankle, lights, fitted shirts, leotards


Class Specific Dress:

  • German Wheel

    • Rubber soled, closed-toe shoes like Vans - not bulky sneakers please

  • Ballet

    • Ballet Tights that match skin tone

    • Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Canvas Preferred)

    • Male students - dance belt, dance trunks

  • Hip-Hop/Breakdancing

    • Bring sneakers


Links for appropriate clothing:

Child's Leotard

Adult Women Leotard

Girls Tights

Women Tights

Boys Dance Belt

Child Ballet Shoes

Women Ballet Shoes


For in person dance clothing options try Morris Costumes or Lebo's.

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