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Dress Code

Dress Code for Training Program

When a student comes without appropriate clothing, we ask the student to sit out of class and watch.

We have a specific dress code in effect for safety reasons.  This keeps us compliant with our insurance company.  They have good reason to require what they require.


Aerial and Acrobatic Classes

  • Girls and women wear a high backed (covering the bra line) leotard and non-see-through leggings that reach the ankle.

  • Boys and men may wear a fitted tank top or t-shirt and boys dance tights / leggings that reach the ankle, plus a dance belt.


Dance Classes

  • For contemporary, jazz and ballet classes, girls and women wear a leotard.

  • For contemporary, jazz and ballet classes, boys and men must wear a form-fitting shirt and tights/leggings that reach the ankle, plus a dance belt.

  • For Hip-hop, wear sneakers. Short tank tops, tank tops and semi-baggy pants are allowed in hip-hop.

  • For Tap, wear tap shoes. Short tank tops, tank tops, baggy shirts, T-shirts and baggy pants are allowed.

  • Ballet students need to wear ballet shoes that are split soled.

  • Jazz students need to wear jazz shoes.


Wheel Classes

  • Wear shoes with rubber soles and laces. No high tops.

  • Good options: Feiyue Shoes, Vans, or Chucks.



  • Pull your hair back and secure it out of your face into a ponytail or braids for ALL classes.

  • Please secure hair before class.  If a student arrives without appropriate hair, we charge $0.25 to your account for a hair tie.


Dress Code for Recreation Classes, Adult Students, Birthday Parties, Trial Classes, and Summer Recreation Camps

  • All students should wear a leotard that fully covers their back, and leggings that reach their ankles.

  • Students may wear a form-fitting shirt or tank top if they do not own a leotard.  NO CROP TOPS PLEASE. Your midriff needs to be covered for safety.

  • All shirts must be tucked in.

  • Hair is pulled out the face.


Dress Code For All

  • Masks are optional for anyone.

  • No jewelry. If a piercing is non-removable, tape it appropriately during the class. Small earrings are fine.

  • Do not wear Zippers or Buttons or Velcro. These can damage the equipment.

  • We do not allow long nails on any equipment. It is a safety issue. It also damages the equipment.

  • Please wear appropriate clothing to and from the studio. This means cover-ups and shoes. During colder months, keep your body warm as it cools down after class. Healthy students are a priority!

If you need assistance in finding any of these items, please let us know.

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