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With your support, Charlotte Cirque and Dance Center’s educational programs will impact the lives of hundreds of children in underserved and low-income communities through the transformative power of cirque and dance!

Passionate about our cause but unable to make a donation? Raise Right allows you to support our organization with everyday purchases. Simply download the app, enter our organization code as you register and purchase gift cards to use on grocery shopping, school supplies and more. Each purchase you make with Raise Right gives a percentage back to Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center. Click below for more information.

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young teenage black boy balanced on a hispanic woman's feet who is laying down
2 teenagers jumping in the air facing opposite directions in a theater
adult teacher helping a student balance on  one leg in an aerial sling
teenagers laying down in a circle facing up at the camera smiling

Education Programs at our School
Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center

We offer financial assistance to low income students and create educational opportunities through our outreach programs. 

Our community engagement programs go beyond teaching dance and circus arts. We empower youth to become a positive member of a team that will carry them to new heights.

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