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Stories in Motion

Stories in Motion supports creative thinking and collaboration.  Students will create short narratives inspired of their writing samples and also write a story based off movement.


Circus Arts 

This residency will show how circus arts can promote community and collaborative problem solving.  We can use aerial silks, trapeze or partner acrobatics to unite students.  By the end of every class, students are celebrating each other’s successes and have either created bridges or strengthen their connections to each other.

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To determine pricing for your residency, please email us with the answers to the following questions:

1.  Which residency?  Stories in Motion or Circus Arts?

2.   How many classrooms?

3.  Approximately how many students in each classroom?

4.  How many classes?

5.  When do you want the residency to happen?  Giving a range of dates is helpful.

6.  What time are the classes?

7.  If you want aerial dance included in your residency, please send us photos of the space that you want it to occur.  Gymnasiums are the best.

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