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Training Program

Performance Opportunities

Training Program students of any age and level can audition for the following performance opportunities.

Tricks & Treats

Submit your dance/act for selection

Rehearse your dance/act on your own time

Theater: CC&DC Studio Theater

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: Friday, October 20, 5pm - 8pm

Fee: $20

Clara's Trip Rehearsals 
Audition: Saturday, September 9, 2pm - 3:30pm

Studio Weekly Rehearsals: October - December, Wednesdays, 7pm - 8:30pm

Exact schedule will be determined after casting, but plan to be at every rehearsal in November.

In-Studio Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, December 2, 1pm - 7pm

Theater Rehearsals: December 6, 1pm - 8pm 

Shows: December 7 - 10  (subject to change)

December 7: 10am Educational Show and 7:30pm Show

December 8: 10am Educational Show and 7:30pm Show

December 9: 11am (Children's Show), 2pm (Children's Show), 7pm

December 10: 1pm and 4pm

Theater: Booth Playhouse at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

Performance Fee: $175

Spring Forward

Guest, Faculty and Student Choreographers create new works to be performed on a repertory concert.

Theater: CC&DC Studio Theater

Apply to perform.

Choreographers will select performers by November 30.

Studio Weekly Rehearsals: January - April, Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm

Show Date and Times: Saturday, April 13, 2pm & 6pm

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: Friday, April 12, 5pm - 8pm

Fee: $50

three young teens hanging upside down in a straddle on a triple trapeze
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