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Open House

May 14  2PM - 5:00PM

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You are invited to join us at our studio for an Open House where you can try classes and get help registering for Summer Camps and Classes. All ages welcome!

30 Minute Trial Classes in Silks, Dance, German Wheel, Hip-Hop,
Aerial Dance (includes Silks & Trapeze), Dance & Circus Camp,
Partner Acrobatics, Lyra, and Acrobatics. 


$5 per class


To Register:

  • Click the Registration site Event

  • Sign in or create a family account

  • Choose your desired trial class(es)

  • Select your Payment Method and click Submit

  • Process Payment on the payment page

  • If you are new to us please sign this waiver.

If you can't make it to our Open House, but you are interested in classes, email for class recommendations

Acro Dance

Acro Dance will incorporate Acrobatics with the flow of Contemporary Dance. Learn how to move in and out of the floor safely. Students need to be comfortable inverting on their hands.


Focused floor tumbling, stretch and strength, acrobatics includes work on progressions from basic rolls, cartwheels, back bends, and handstands.  These skills are a prerequisite to Partner Acrobatics.

Aerial Dance

This class will cater directly to the aerial level of the students within the class. Students will engage in proper warm-up and stretch before training either on a sling, silks, or trapeze apparatus. Instructors will teach skills and exercises based on current skill level.

Aspiring Bendy Bodies

Aspiring Bendy Bodies is for those who want to increase their flexibility and wish to develop splits, backbends, or shoulder stacked bridges.


Learn the fundamentals of classical ballet. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality. Students will focus on both barre and center work. The intricacy and extent of training will depend on the student’s level.

Contemporary Dance

This dance class allows students to explore and understand how their own bodies move while gaining an understanding of contemporary vocabulary and how it is similar, yet different, then classical ballet. Students will develop body control as well as freedom of movement.


Students will learn the fundamentals of dance based in the ballet tradition with technique, body adlignment, musicality, and floor work. They will learn dance vocabulary and explore dance styles like Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz.

Dance 1

Learn the fundamentals dance. This class will include basic ballet technique and proper body alignment as well as allowing students to explore and understand how their own bodies move. Develop an understanding of Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz. Students will develop body control as well as freedom of movement. This class is a great companion to Aerial Dance or any other apparatus class.

Deep Stretch

Stretching and flexibility are a key part of training and of a circus or dance performers  work. Taking students through the proper techniques of full body stretching, they experience and learn ways to push their bodies and minds in a healthy and productive way. This class goes beyond normal stretching allowing for growth and for students to test their bodies limits.

Duo Trapeze

Duo Trapeze uses a bar connected to the ceiling by two ropes at two points. Students learn the principles of supporting each other in balance, counter-balance, and lifts in the air as well as poses and sequences on and below the bar as well as on the ropes.

German Wheel

The German Wheel is like a giant hamster wheel for humans. Inside of the wheel, you will defy gravity as you flip, spin, and test your strength. You will master these skills encapsulated by the German Wheel, and experience an entirely fun and new way to work out.