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Homeschool Training Opportunities



Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring people of diverse backgrounds to explore beyond their boundaries through dance and circus arts.​  Our vision is to create educational opportunities for people to experience the world, which will enrich their lives and the lives of those around them. ​

We will move you to new heights not only in your physical training but in everyday life. Our programs will support your aspirations whether they be professional or an adventurous hobbyist.

Specializing in Aerial Silks, Contemporary Dance, Lyra,
Trapeze, Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Juggling, Hand Balancing, Ballet and more for all ages.​

2022 - 2023 Registration is now open!

Fall - Spring School Year Weekly Classes
September 6 - May 27

You decide your path of training.


You can choose to between the following programs:

  • Training Program​

    • Minimum of 4 classes including 1 Dance, 1 Aerial, 1 Acrobatics, and Circus & Dance Workshop or Conditioning.​

    • Includes free Open Practice time.

    • Eligible for the CC&DC Company

    • Performs in Family & Friends Observation Week, Spring Student Showcase, and eligible for featured roles in the showcase.

  • Training Program Prep​

    • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 Classes from 2 different class categories below.

    • Circus & Dance Workshop Series not required, but encouraged.

    • Performs in the Family & Friends Observation Week and Spring Student Showcase.

  • Recreational Program

    • No minimum number of classes​

    • Performs for Family and Friends Observation Week​​

For information on the CC&DC Company go here.

Unsure if you are signing up for an Aerial, Dance, or Acrobatics class - see our Classes Categories Chart below.

Photo of a teen girl in a blue silk.

Additional Fees:

  • $45 Annual Registration Fee per Student

  • Spring Student Showcase

    • ​2 classes per week  - $75

    • 3 classes per week  - $85

    • 4+ classes - $100

*Note: Adults may register for ages 11+ and ages 16+ classes. If you wish to take a class outside of your age group, let us know and we can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Click on a class below to begin registration.

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