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Aerial Silks Shopping List

For our studio only the fabric and rescue 8 are required.  The carabiner and swivel are optional.  As students progress to more difficult skills, these items are desired.

Aerial Silks

Fabric Depot in Texas (their customer service is fantastic and calling them is best.)
$100 - $150
These are sold by the yard.  If you are purchasing for 18 ft. ceilings, you would need to double that length for 2 silk strands (36 ft.) and add about 4 ft. at the bottom for extra fabric tails on the floor for a total of 40 ft.  Divided by 3 ft. per yard, you would purchase 13.3 yards (round up or down.) 

Steel Rescue 8, also called a Descender
ProClimb - Amazon (this particular item on Amazon goes in and out of stock)
$30 - $40
This item is what your fabric is wrapped around so that it can be hung.
If you do not purchase this exact item, look for a STEEL rescue 8 - Do Not buy Aluminum

D-Shaped Steel Carabiner
Fusion Climb - Amazon
$16 - $20
Carabiner's are used to connect the rescue 8 to the rigging and/or to a swivel.
If you do not purchase this exact item, look for a
STEEL carabiner - Do Not buy Aluminum

Fusion Climb Delta Swivel - Amazon
$35 - $45

Swivel's allow the aerialist to spin on the fabric.

If you are considering hanging Silks in your home, please consult a teacher and a structural engineer.  For more information on home rigging, go here.

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