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Training Program
Starts August 26


Before you register, please

1.  Read ALL the information below thoroughly. 

2.  Take this questionnaire.

3.  Then our staff will respond with recommendations based off your responses.

4.  Register for classes or schedule a meeting for further discussion. 


Minimum Number of Weekly Classes: 2

Performance Requirement:
Spring Student Showcase / The Wizard of Oz

If you are looking for more performance opportunities, please take a look at our Student Company.

Our Training Program is organized by:

  • Level: Look at your Jackrabbit Level Completion

  • Age: If your birthday is during the year and you are on the border of being in the older class, think about if you or your child's maturity level will best fit the older or younger group.

  • Intensity

    • Moderate Intensity (Light Tone Classes)

      • Moderate focus on technique.

      • Dress code at all times.

      • Good attendance is expected.

      • Who is this for?  Students who like to perform and semi-serious about dance and/or circus arts. 

    • High Intensity (Dark Tone Classes)

      • Strong focus on technique.

      • Dress code at all times.

      • Excellent attendance is expected.

      • Who is this for?  Students who love to perform and have a strong passion for dance and/or circus arts.

Our Training Program classes are arranged by age and ambition/focus.  We have noticed that humans figure out how to learn at different speeds and times in their life.  The great basketball star Michael Jordan didn't come into his stride until after college.  We want to group students in classes not only by age and skill level in order for our faculty to better serve our students.

To find the right classes for you, please reach out to us at

What's a Dance Trapeze? 
Does a German Wheel really look like a hamster wheel for people?

Watch this video to learn a little more about our apparatuses.

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